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October 1, 2014, Columbus Ohio – Big News at Stewart!


On the 26th of September, Stewart Security moved out of 480-H East Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington, and into their new location a half mile away.  The address of the new shop is 530G Lakeview Plaza Boulevard, Worthington, Ohio 43085.  All phone numbers have remained the same.


Owner David Wiant says, “We are especially pleased with our new home because of the size of the warehouse in proportion to the offices.  While we are more “cozy” in our new offices, the large warehouse permits us to park some of our vehicles inside without any compromise to the area allotted for shelving, study areas, work benches and machines.


That the railroad trains rumble by often during the day is considered peaceful music”, he says.  “My maternal grandfather worked on the Nickel Plate railroad for 40 years, and for a while, I lived with him near a switch yard in Bellevue, Ohio.  Grandpa walked to work in his railroad bibs, engineer’s cap, and his lunch box, packed with love by Grandma Cozy.  Good memories brought back each time I hear the train.


This is a quiet setting.  Easy to find, easy to leave.  We welcome your visit.”


    September 1, 2011, Columbus, Ohio -- Stewart is happy to announce the coming of the best wireless programmable stand-alone locks in the business.

    Alarm Lock, for years a renowned manufacturer of durable battery-powered stand alone digital locks has released their newest offering, wireless programmable locks.

    This represents the best of two worlds.

             1.   Stand alone locks that operate with PINs and/or access ID cards represent a savings of $1,000 to $1,500 per door over hard wired systems locks.

             2.   No walking to the lock represents a savings in time and logistics.  Program these locks from your workstation!

    Savings and convenience and speed!

    Stewart is dealing in Alarm Lock’s Networx locks!  Ask us for a demonstration or more information!